The weird new way to keep pet fur off your floor

Would you try it?

If you have ever tried to clean up after a shedding dog, this could be the ultimate way to stop your pet from leaving fur all over your floor.

The canine unitards are the main item for sale at Shed Defender, a US company which is dedicated to reducing the amount of doggy hair left on your floors, furniture and clothing by your faithful companion.

The all-in-ones cover the pooch’s neck, body and all four legs, they have a hole for the tail and come in a variety of colours and sizes.

The creator, Tyson Walters, told Mashable: “The idea came to me about six years ago. I had this huge St. Bernard, Harley, and I just couldn’t control her shedding. No matter how much I brushed and groomed her, she still left tumbleweeds of hair in my house and even worse, in my car,”

“I looked around on the internet and dog stores and I couldn’t find a solution to my problem. So, I decided to make one.”

Here’s a couple of canine catwalk shots.

There has apparently been some criticisms of the unitard from people worried that the dogs may overheat or be restricted. Others have said it’s selfish and not natural.

But Tyson says the fabric is totally breathable, won’t make the hound hot and allows for full fence-jumping and cat-herding. And then the Shed Defender website says the ‘tard can help “reduce anxiety and give the dog a sense of calm” (maybe because they’re no longer nude in public) and are great for dogs with skin diseases and allergies. The starting price is USD$44.99.

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