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How to babyproof your Christmas tree

Helpful hints on how to make your tree as childproof as possible.

Christmas Tree
First Christmas with a baby? Check out these handy tips on how to childproof your Christmas tree, so there are no little accidents.
Create a child barrier
Baby gates are fine, but they’re not the prettiest or most festive of things. You could create a present circle to stop baby getting too close to the tree, or alternatively – wrap some large boxes, weighted down for the same effect.
Don’t scrimp on the tree stand
Keeping the tree as sturdy as possible means you won’t have any dangerous toppling sutiations (also good if you have pets) during the Christmas period. A cast iron stand can be screwed into the tree trunk, then weighted with sandbags to make it sturdy.
Or go plastic
Nothing beats the real thing, but with a little one around who wants to put everything in their path into their mouth, it might be worth going fake for the time being.
Keep everyone safe this Christmas by planning your decor with baby in mind
Ditch tinsel
Tinsel and fake snow can be dangerous for kids, so perhaps choose more child friendly options such as felt decorations.
And steer clear of glass
This is a no brainer, but even glass ornaments can be a danger to little ones if pulled off the tree or table top. Pack them away and opt for less breakable, safer decorations.
Star fairy lights a few inches higher
As above, babies + new things = chewing. You can still use fairy lights but just hang them higher up than you usually would, so no little mitts can get pawing at them. The same rule goes for candles. Only ever have them far out of reach from grabby hands.