Would you live in one of these Hobbit-inspired homes?

It's an apartment complex like no other.

Created by Japanese architect Keita Nagata each unit in the apartment complex is burrowed into the Takamatsu mountainside,the result of perfect experiment that fuses the natural environment with the needs of these purpose-built units.
In keeping with the surrounding terrain, each of the five homes feature specially designed sloping green roofs which replicate the rolling hills.
Every home has it’s own garden space as the apartments are all slightly offset. Terraces form outdoor spaces within steps to main living areas.
Despite the project’s relatively small scale, it took two and a half years to complete.
“I dreamed about bringing back the original landscape to this place,” Mr Nagata told Designbloom.‘
The design was a noted entry at this year’s g-mark Japan GOOD Design awards with architect Jo Nagasaka praising Mr Nagata for his efforts in preserving the landscape.
“Usually green roofs separate actual ground soil and soil for the roof – so the natural eco-system can not be continued, however the architect has designed a plan which has a continuation between the ground and the roof to create a new ecosystem.”