Easter egg decorating ideas

We have plenty of Easter egg decorating ideas to help you add style to your Easter table. Whether you prefer polka dots, glitter or ombre, you'll find lots of inspiration for decorated eggs in our gallery.
Drizzled easter eggs

Try our Easter egg decorating ideas to help you add style to your Easter table. Whether you prefer polka dots, glitter or ombre, you’ll find lots of inspiration in our gallery. So grab the kids and have some fun personalising this special holiday. Hop to it!

Most of the methods involve first blowing eggs. To do so, prick the top and bottom of eggs with a sharp needle or tack. Take a thin straw and hold it against one of the holes, then simply blow the egg out through the other hole into a bowl. Rinse thoroughly and then get decorating!

Glitter Easter eggs

Glitter eggs

Place superfine glitter in a bowl. Apply PVA glue in a pattern, evenly & thinly to eggs. Press eggs in glitter bowl gently to coat, then set aside in the carton to dry.

Confetti Easter eggs

Confetti eggs

Holepunch different coloured papers and card stocks. Place dots of craft or PVA glue on eggs, then attach paper dots to eggs in any pattern of your choosing. Dry in the carton overnight.

via Shemakesahome

Drizzled Easter eggs

Drizzled eggs

Drizzle eggs with rubber cement. Allow to dry. Dip in a dye bath. When eggs are dry, peel off rubber cement and repeat two or three times with different coloured dyes. via Parents

G_Foiled eggs

Foiled eggs

Dye eggs if desired. Once dry, use a brush to randomly paint eggs with craft glue, ensuring some areas are free of glue. Wrap eggs in gold leaf then rub with a foam brush to marble.

via Sheknows

Geometric Easter eggs

Geometric eggs

Wrap eggs with electrical tape in a pattern of your choosing. Dye eggs yellow. Peel off tape and retape, then dye eggs blue.

via MarthaStewart

Graffiti Easter eggs

Graffiti art eggs

Randomly paint eggs with different colours. Once dry, outline patches of colour with a metallic pen. Then add decorative elements like polka dots and stripes. via Papernstitch

Lace Easter eggs

Lace eggs

Wrap eggs in scraps of lace fabric. Secure with a rubber band. Dye. Once dry, remove lace fabric. via MarthaStewart

Ombre Easter eggs

 Ombre eggs

This effect is created using spray paint. Affix the eggs to a surface using playdoh, then spray in various colours to create the ombre effect.

via Ashbeedesign


Metallic pen Easter eggs

Metallic pen eggs

Dye eggs, then use a metallic pen to draw interesting designs over them once they’re dry. Try fishscales, dots and stripes. via BHG

Message in easter egg

Message in an egg

Finally, for an extra special treat, add a personal message to your decorated eggs. Write message on a little piece of paper, roll it up and slip it in the hole you made to blow your eggs.

via PoppyTalk

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