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Tips to pick the right shade of white for your home

Finding the right shade of white or neutral paint colour can be the key to a harmonious interior

When deciding which colour to paint a room, most people look for a white or a neutral – for good reason. They're easy to live with, go with almost anything and can be easily matched to other colours.
Dulux Colours of New Zealand® are famous for their large range of whites and neutrals that have been designed to work well in Kiwi homes.
Most whites or neutrals are described as being either 'cool' or 'warm'. Generally, cool whites make a space appear larger, while warm whites make a space feel cosier.
When choosing a colour, it's important to take into account existing colours in the room. These are typically more expensive items or those difficult to change, such as flooring or benchtops.
If you have grey carpet or a concrete floor you may want to try a cool white such as Dulux Mt Aspiring or Ōkārito, or if you have golden wooden floors or a cream benchtop, a warmer white may be a better option. Also consider whether the room is north or south facing. Cool whites are better in sunnier rooms with plenty of natural light, while warm whites brighten rooms that get less sun.
Dulux Ōkārito is the most popular colour in the Dulux range. This crisp, versatile white goes with almost anything, making it a timeless favourite. Another popular cool white to try is Dulux Mt Aspiring Half.
Warm whites have also been growing in popularity recently. Dulux Cardrona and Sandfly Point are both popular whites that bring a relaxed warmth to a space.
Top left: Dulux Cardrona, top right: Dulux Ōkārito
Bottom left: Dulux Sandfly Point, bottom right: Dulux Mt Aspiring
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Hero image features 'Windmill Marathon' Artwork By Meg Walters Design.