Decorating with colour: Red and pink

Rich tones and pretty pastels create an inviting living space.

Once thought of as a fashion “no-no”, covering your home in pink and red has made a comeback. The key is using a variety of different hues and shades to complement each other.

This stunning, luxurious lounge is pure elegance, with elements of pink, orange and red – from the rug on the floor to the high ceiling. This colour scheme gets a huge tick when it comes to adding a sense of warmth and comfort to your room. I had fun making the pieces of art for the wall, using decorative centre domes from Plastercraft which I painted to match the décor. These were quick to create and very affordable. Instead of choosing ornaments in complementary hues, I kept my choices simple and stuck to the core colour palette.

Develop a focal point in large spaces with an arrangement of artwork, such as wall domes.

Wall dome (large) from Plastercraft $121 painted with Resene paint in Knock out from $57.50 per litre. Wall dome (medium) from Plastercraft $65.35 painted using Resene paint in Smitten from %57.50 per litre. Orange candle from Redcurrant $54.90. Rose plate from Allium $199. Rose letters from Allium R $14.50 O$5.80 S$11 E$19. Candle holders from Chambers $36.90 (small) $39.90 (large). Pink rose cushion from Chambers $159.Red vase from Republic $199. Keiko toulouse cushion from Farmers $49.99. Candle holder from Alluim $149.90

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Photo: Photo New Zealand/Living media

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