Decorating with blue

Apparently the majority of people in the world will say their favourite colour is blue. It’s a calming, soothing shade. Just picture a clear blue sky or a sparkling azure ocean and I bet you’re already smiling dreamily.

On the other hand, when we “get the blues “, this colour suddenly denotes melancholy. I’ve just agreed to let my daughter decorate her room in blue, so it’s been on my mind.

I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and suggestions with you this week.

When I started really looking into the colour’s symbolism across the world, it wasn’t surprising to discover it’s widely regarded as being both harmonious and healing. In fact, just being in an environment with lots of blue

is credited with reducing high blood pressure and slowing accelerated heart rates.

The only problem with this particular colour scheme is too much blue can be chilling, so finding a good balance is very important. Colder shades of blue include turquoise and slate blues, but as long as there is some natural light, most rooms can easily be warmed up by adding of fiery hues like red and orange, or other relaxing colours such as green.

During my research I found one website which suggests wearing blue pyjamas can help you to get to sleep.

Although, to be honest, I don’t know how, unless you’re meant to gaze down at your nightwear when troubled with insomnia. Maybe try this (presumably you’ll need to leave some lights on for it to work) and if it’s a success, please let me know!

Other ways to warm blue

Blue and white is a classic decorating colour combination which is used in countries all over the world.

The Scandinavians do this combination well, mixing it with light-coloured woods, while British stately homes have also embraced the colour duo, especially in kitchens.

The way to make a blue and white room really cosy is to include the colour scheme in homely touches such as blue and white china or a bunch of bright cushions. Looking in books and magazines for inspiration is always a good idea when embarking on a renovation or redecoration project.

Even if the names of the shades you want aren’t included or credited, your local paint retailer can usually look at the photo and either give the colour name or show you something similar.

You can also have a look at websites such as Resenefor really comprehensive colour information, which will ensure you make the right decorating choices.

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