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Decor mistakes that are making your home unhappy

These simple tweaks could help boost your mood, reduce stress and make your home more beautiful.

According to the experts, there are some mistakes many of us make when decorating our homes. And we’re not necessarily just talking dodgy wallpaper here.
Things like old, out of place heirlooms, paper piles and stacks of hobbies we no longer partake in, are all guilty of creating ‘bad vibes’ in the home.
Here are eight home décor faux pas – and how to fix them.
The entrance way says plenty about the rest of your home
No focus on the foyer
The entrance way to your home should be welcoming and warm; how you’d like guests to feel as soon as they step into your house. But so many of us neglect the entranceway and leave it as empty space. We love Your Home & Garden editor Shelley Ferguson’s tips on how to spice up your hall (and they won’t cost the earth.)
Tangled cords
This is one of our pet peeves. There’s nothing worse than a beautifully presented living space, blighted by tangled leads and extension cords. There are plenty of cable solutions on the market (check out Bunnings or Warehouse for options) or simply hiding extension plugs behind a unit can be a welcome solution.
Plant life instantly rejuvenates a space
Piles of papers
There are few things more stressful than a pile of unfiled papers, especially for the neat-freaks among us. Take control and get a filing system in place that keeps those pesky bills, correspondence and other paperwork, and your space will feel more zen.
Floating rugs
Those in the know tell us that rugs that just ‘float’ in the middle of the room without touching any furniture, tend to look out of place and odd. Choose a rug positioning that either touches another item in the room, or is a runner like in a hallway, for a more ‘put together’ look.
Careful lighting design is key
Bad lighting
Nothing screams student digs like one lonely lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. Mood lighting is all about design, so pick some lamps that create the right ambience for you.
Lack of life
Plants can instantly breathe life into your home. There are even theories that having them at home can help reduce your stress levels.
Hanging onto heirlooms
So granny gave you her antique figurines and you’re too guilty to throw them away, even though they’re so not you? Psychologists claim the act of hanging onto things like this can actually affect our mood – as every time we see them we remember we don’t really want them in the first place.
Old hobbies
Used to knit but haven’t touched a needle in years? Bought a ukulele but never learnt to play? After a year or two, it’s time to admit that these hobbies probably aren’t going to be goers. Sell or donate your unused items, as it’ll just become a source of clutter going forward.