Creating a tranquil bedroom

As a busy working mum, I spend so little time in the bedroom, I've never worried too much about whether it's a relaxing spot or not! However, if you do have the luxury of lounging and lying in regularly, you probably want your bedroom to be a place of peace and tranquility. There are lots of earthy, neutral bedding items in this season's ranges and we're showcasing a few to inspire you!

Get a good night’s rest

  • A sense of serenity in the bedroom is conducive to a good night’s sleep. Keeping the room clear of clutter is a good start, as is regulating air temperature so it’s cool in summer and warm – but not too warm – in winter.

  • You should replace your bed every few years, even if it seems an enormous expense for something quite mundane. We all know the old adage that you spend a third of your life in bed, so this really isn’t an area in which to stint!

  • A good-quality pillow can mean the difference between a restless and a peaceful night’s sleep. These days, there are dozens of styles to choose from, including some with aromatic properties – a lavender scent on your pillow can help you relax.

  • Sleep experts generally advise against having a home-entertainment system in the bedroom. Watching an action movie on your 40-inch plasma TV isn’t going to send you gently off to sleep, and computers in bed are a big no-no. The process of answering emails and checking your Facebook account can wait until the morning.

  • When choosing bedroom furniture and furnishings, it makes sense to go for natural products such as cotton, wool and wood. Anyone who has changed from a Dacron-filled duvet or comforter to one containing feathers will soon tell you how much better they sleep. Natural fibres are better for the body than synthetic ones.

Hot tip:

If you suffer from insomnia, try having a warm bath in the evening before retiring to bed with a camomile tea or a hot milky drink

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