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How to create your own Christmas wrapping paper and tags

Bring a personal touch to the Christmas presents this year

As Christmas approaches, why settle for ordinary when you can infuse your gift-giving with a personal touch? Step away from generic store-bought wrapping paper and tags and discover the joy of creating your own festive masterpieces.
We share easy steps to do both, turning the wrapping into a meaningful part of your holiday celebrations. So, grab your scissors and let the magic unfold as we explore the art of crafting Christmas wrapping paper and tags that make every gift extraordinary.

DIY Wrapping Paper

1 Attach rubber bands over the Resene testpots to create star patterns.
2 Paint over the rubber bands evenly with your chosen colour using the testpot brush.
3 Press the stamp evenly on the craft paper. Each application of paint lasts for about three stamps. Repeat with the second colour if desired. Wrap your gifts and place under the tree!

Wooden Tags

1 Paint tags in Resene Merlot and Resene Quarter Spanish White. You will need two coats on the front and back of each, allowing adequate drying time in between.
2 Thread string, twine or ribbon onto each tag, adding a knot at the end.
Wooden tags styling: Vanessa Nouwens; photos: Bryce Carleton, Ben Whorwood.