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The sensitive skin laundry hack that makes your clothes soft and speeds up drying time

Luxuriate in the softness you expect, while being kind to your sensitive skin.

By Now To Love with Colgate
Sensitive skin? There is no need to compromise when it comes to clothes and linen that are soft to the touch and kind to your skin.
Fluffy Pure Scents softens fabric, while being gentle on you, thanks to its hypoallergenic formulation, approved by dermatologists. While its creamy coconut fragrance will make you think of tropical holidays past, your clothes and linen will spill from the dryer fresher, softer and with fewer wrinkles – all while helping to reduce that telltale dryer static.
Fluffy Pure Scents may be gentler on skin, yet it is still tough on the job at hand: fewer wrinkles and sweet-smelling clothes and linen that make you feel good.
Those who have adopted Fluffy Pure Scents fabric softener as a laundry staple, regardless of their skin type, say they also get to spend less time on time-consuming tasks such as ironing.
The formulators behind the kind-to-skin concentrated liquid have delivered a high quality softener without compromise, all while keeping sensitive skin top-of-mind.
We asked a few members of the editorial team at Bauer to road test Fluffy Pure Scents. Here's what they thought.

Phoebe Watt, NEXT magazine Deputy Editor

As I approach my 30s I'm becoming increasingly mindful about what I put on my skin. So, given the small fortune that I spend on super gentle skincare for my face and body, it seems counter-productive to be using laundry products that could undo all that hard work.
That's where Fluffy Pure Scents fabric softener – which is hypoallergenic and dermalogically tested – has stepped in and given me peace of mind.
I've been amazed at the difference adding one cap of Fluffy Pure Scents to each wash has made. Everything is softer, smells fresher, and comes out virtually wrinkle and static free. And the formula actually decreases drying time, so you can free up the drying rack for the next load in the space of a day!

Leigh Matheson, Style Director

My partner and our son both have very sensitive skin so this is always a consideration when looking at laundry solutions so seeing that this fabric softener is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested was essential before being let loose on our washing.
I've washed a variety of pieces adding Fluffy to it including bed linen and towelling, slips, wool and standard cotton clothing. All of the clothing has been super soft, as has the bed linen and towelling. The woollen knitwear kept a very soft handle and my slips had no static in them afterwards at all.

Fiona Kerr, Your Home & Garden Art Director

Being a long-time sufferer of sensitive skin, it's been a real treat discovering the new Creamy Coconut range from Fluffy Pure Scents. Knowing the Fluffy fabric softener formula has been dermatologically tested adds another layer of trust to the product - I can be confident it won't irritate my skin.
After washing with Fluffy Pure Scents, my clothes and linen felt noticeably softer and my skin didn't react in any way. Usually I buy the products that are 'low fragrance', so having the option to wash my clothes with a product that leaves them smelling delicious and doesn't irritate my skin gives me the best of both worlds.
The coconut scent leaves an everlasting scent in the house too – extending its use well beyond the wash!
I come from a family who all suffer from sensitive skin so I know they will enjoy this products as much as I do.