Children’s study areas

Create an encouraging study environment to help growing minds thrive in the classroom.

Before you install any furniture, work out how much space you have to work with, where the natural light is at its best and where your power outlets are.

You’ll want to ensure all the necessary electronics can be powered up and their cords go unseen to keep the space free of clutter and mess.

If you’re designing a room for a younger child, ensure you also look ahead to what their future needs will be.

A good layout from the start means the space can grow with them, with just small decorating tweaks.

Involve your child in the process so the study reflects their personality – it’ll make them more likely to use it!

I like to keep the colour scheme bright. It’s inviting for young ones and creates a stimulating environment for them to get on and do their homework in.

Top study tips:

1) Good lighting is essential. Position their desk near a strong source of natural light and buy a quality desk lamp.

2) A chair that provides proper support is a must. Opt for a cushioned chair, one that is ergonomic and provides adequate support to the back. Go for a chair that you can adjust vertically, to ensure your child is sitting at the right height.

3) Keep the area nice and tidy with plenty of storage options to hide away books and stationery. Install a pin or magnetic board to display notices, certificates and pictures in an orderly, yet creative, fashion.

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