Top tips from an expert on making the most of hybrid work

The Casa Pop-Up Desk is an all-in-one workspace that simply folds away

It’s no secret that Kiwis have embraced the mix of working in the office, at home and on the go. A recent survey of 1500 office workers across New Zealand and Australia revealed nearly 70% identify as “hybrid workers”.

However, one of the biggest barriers to really enjoying hybrid working is not having the right set-up and a whopping 83% were unhappy with theirs – not everyone has a room to dedicate to being a home office. Having to shove the day’s work into a corner of the dining table can be downright depressing.

Wellington-based flexible work specialist, or “flexpert”, Gillian Brookes has a few tips for making the most of hybrid working.

“It’s really important to work in a space that feels comfortable and well set up, so you feel you can focus and you’re not sacrificing productivity or wellbeing,” she says.

Gillian advises that investing in an ergonomically approved set-up such as the Logitech Casa – which includes a laptop stand, keyboard and wireless touchpad – will pay off in more ways than one.

“Screen position and keyboards are commonly cited as the biggest challenges when working away from a traditional desk, so this is a great solution,” says Gillian. “Plus, it only takes seconds to fold away and move to a different area when the kids arrive home from school, or if both you and your partner are working from home.”

Then when the work is done, simply pack everything into the Casa’s beautiful notebook-like case and switch off for the day. Seamlessly fitting in with your décor, you’ll forget all about work.

It comes in three great colours – Bohemian Blush, Nordic Calm and Classic Chic.

“Hybrid puts work-life boundaries under pressure, so the more you can do to define them, the better off you’ll be,” says Gillian. “My advice is to pack away your work things once you’ve finished for the day, so work isn’t taking over your home life.”

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