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Five ways to make every meal fabulous with Annabelle White

From covering up cooking fails to vamping up the flavour of any dish using simple, everyday ingredients.

By Karyn Henger and Lana Byrne
Larger-than-life celebrity cook Annabelle White is passionate about creating good food. But she's also the first to tell you that the conversation around the table is far more important than the food or wine.
"If someone makes you feel like the food is more important.. don't invite them back," she says.
"I would prefer to have the company of a great people and a frozen pizza than fine dining with difficult guests."
Her refreshing mantras on life make her a joyous bundle of energy to be around - and her mantras for the kitchen are no less uplifting - as well as practical.
In this video Annabelle shares five of her top tips on how to make every meal fabulous - from how to add flavour to any meal with the simplest of everyday ingredients to how to cover up cooking fails. Here, she even divulges the major muck-up she once made, which no amount of icing sugar sprinkled over the top could cover up.
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