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4 easy things this busy mum does to be more eco-friendly

Auckland mum of three, Haley Tukere, believes small environmentally-conscious decisions are an easy way to help make a difference

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As a business owner, wife and mama to "three gorgeous ratbags" Noah, Van and Florence, Haley Tukere is the definition of busy.
However, she enjoys taking time for herself by walking with friends in her West Auckland neighbourhood of Titirangi and, as an event stylist, she loves to spend time rearranging the décor at home.
Haley started her own business, Lovely Like You, after having her second child and has recently rebranded as 'Fete' – with a focus on brand event planning and styling. Here she shares the eco-friendly habits that have become part of her everyday.

Keep a stash of reusable shopping bags on hand

"Reusable shopping bags are the norm now. They are so much easier to carry and transport food that I much prefer to use them anyway. My car boot is often full of shopping bags and bags of soft plastics for recycling but it's not a big deal – it's a mess with three kids anyway! Recycling our soft plastics is a small but easy change to our routine. I drop the soft plastic recycling off in the bins provided outside supermarkets when doing the weekly shop."

Think sustainable with your styling

"When planning and styling events I try to use reusable tableware – it produces less waste and is much nicer to drink and eat from. When disposable tableware is required for an event, it's about making better choices and sourcing sustainable plates, cups, cutlery and napkins. There are quite a few cool options out there now and corporate clients are definitely behind this, often highlighting the importance themselves."

Make your lunchbox a little greener

"We are trying hard to make environmentally conscious decisions in our household and the kids are great at adopting changes and sharing what they are being taught at school with us. They are certainly more aware of what we need to do to protect our planet, which is great to see and hear! We try to create rubbish-free lunches for school using bento-style boxes, which eliminates the need to wrap things individually."

Use naturally derived oral care

Brushing our teeth is a habit ingrained in us long ago, so make it a more sustainable practice with ecostore's new oral care range. ecostore toothpaste and mouthwash uses naturally derived ingredients to clean teeth, freshen breath and help protect gums. The toothbrush and mouthwash bottle are made from plant plastic – ensuring they are safer for the planet.
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