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Purchase this week's Woman's Day and the coffee is on us

What a treat!

It's not a secret that Kiwis love a good cup of coffee. We use coffee as an antidote to a poor night's sleep, an introduction to a first date - "want to grab a cup of coffee?" - and a reason for a mid-morning meeting. Coffee can help with both long and short term memory, is a fantastic mood elevator and can even improve endurance when exercising.
Muffin Break's coffee experts carefully source the best 100% Arabica coffee beans from five different regions around the world: South America, India, Central America, Africa and the Pacific Rim. Once the beans have been naturally processed in their home region, they are then carefully blended by Muffin Break's Head of Coffee to give you a consistently good, unique, smooth and well-balanced coffee.
Bring this voucher into your local Muffin Break and try one for yourself.
Pick up this week's issue of Woman's Day and you'll receive a $5 Muffin Break voucher, redeemable on any coffee! T
Don't forget to grab a Muffin Break loyalty card on your visit to receive every 5th coffee free!

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