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The secret to a long, happy life is beer and chips according to 100-year-old best friends

Longtime friends and neighbors Matilda and Mickey both turned 100 years old within days of each other

When it comes to longevity, we've heard it all. From whiskey to wine to Diet Coke, it seems like everyone has their own "secret" to living the good life for a long, long time. Now, 100-year-old San Diego resident Matilda Curcia is crediting her long life to potato chips and beer. That's right: good ol' greasy potato crisps and a hearty glass of hops.
"I've experienced good health," Curcia told NBC 7. "I have no pain and do my exercises every day. And have my beer. Eat my potato chips. That's about all."
Both Curcia and her best friend, who she calls Mickey, celebrated their 100th year together with a huge birthday blowout that included a variety of big gold, blue, and hot pink balloons all in the shape of the number "100."
Family and friends joined the duo for the sweet occasion, which was held Saturday, March 3. - It turns out that Mickey and Curcia have been beating the odds and celebrating their birthday together for nearly half a century.
Like a tale straight out of a movie, the pair moved into the Allied Gardens neighborhood around the same time and live just four doors away from one another.
In spite of their age, they still ride bikes together and go on brisk walks. Mickey, who worked as a military nurse during World War II, still has the same joyful and upbeat laugh she did when she was younger.
"I've been a general duty nurse for a long time and then World War II started and I signed up right away to go overseas," Mickey said of her younger self. "I went to different parts where they were really fighting."
Who knows? Maybe chips and beer are the keys to a long life, though we'd like to think it's having a tight group of friends and a loving family that does the trick.
Either way, we're rooting for Mickey and Curcia. Here's to many more years of happiness — and greasy food.
This article originally appeared on Woman's World.