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The perfect way to cook a sausage

And it's not barbequeing it to within an inch of it's life, trust us.

They're a dietary staple for many, and there's no denying sausies are a super versatile dinner option.
Stick them on the BBQ, serve them with mash, cook them up in a toad in the hole, the options are endless.
But according to UK based The Why Chef, we've actually been cooking bangers wrong for our entire lives.
Sausages on the grill
According to the chef and food blogger, sticking them on the grill or BBQ is an absolute no-no.
Here's his method:
Grab a frying pan.
Set the heat to low.
Add a knob of unsalted butter.
Add sausages.
Fry for 30 minutes, turning occasionally.
Explaining himself, The Why Chef writes that it's all about the low heat, slow cook method, that means the skin doesn't get burnt but has more flavour and texture.
“So cooking them for a long time at a low heat is going to cook them through sufficiently, allow for the fat to render and caramelise in the pan, and with no worry that they’re going to turn into boot leather,” he explains.
We're trying this tonight!