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The Halloumi McMuffin is real, you aren't dreaming

Stop pinching yourself - your wildest cheesy dreams have come true.

By Alex Blackwood
As if McMuffins weren't tempting enough, McDonald's has released a Halloumi McMuffin. Yep, that's right - McMuffin, squeaky cheese. If your dreams are very, very realistic and consist of a slice of halloumi, tomato, some lettuce and olive paste between two halves of an English muffin - they have come true.
The English muffin is only available in McDonald's Arabia at the moment, but if that is your dream, then why not book a very expensive and effort-intensive trip for a pilgrimage to a fast-food restaurant in another country?
The breakfast burger that everyone is apparently so damn excited about.
Yes, all of the ingredients are available at your local Countdown, if not in your kitchen right now (and if you are the kind of person who literally dreams about halloumi yet doesn't have it in your kitchen, you clearly aren't trying very hard to be happy).
While it's great to see the fast-food expanding their vege options, I for one am certainly not lovin' it enough to fly to Arabia.