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Find out how the royals enjoy their brew

A royal guide to brewing and enjoying the perfect cup of tea

Tea has a rich and complex history spanning centuries and countries around the world. The traditions and ceremonies that have developed around drinking tea are fascinating and varied, often reflecting the culture of their origin. Tea is the world's most consumed drink, after water, while beloved family company Dilmah's quality of Ceylon Tea is enjoyed in more than 100 countries. Regardless of its diverse history, where it is enjoyed, or whether it is a green, black or fruit or herbal infusion, tea brings us together, revitalising and warming us.
In England through the 1700s, tea-drinking was embraced as a social activity. It became popular to entertain at home and serve tea to guests. From this, of course, it didn't take long for people to perfect the art of afternoon tea – scones, pastries, sandwiches and cakes accompanied by carefully brewed black tea with milk or lemon.
Today, tea-drinking is much more relaxed. We embrace many styles, and although tea bags are still the most commonly bought, loose-leaf teas are making a comeback.

Fit for a king

King Charles enjoys a cup of tea every day and is very particular about how he likes it. He is said to favour Darjeeling, Earl Grey and English Breakfast. A source close to the royal revealed the temperature of the water, which must be measured with a thermometer, has to be exactly 70°C for green tea and 95°C for Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea. The handle of the teacup must be placed to the right, with a teaspoon under the handle.
The late Queen Elizabeth reportedly enjoyed Earl Grey with a splash of milk and no sugar, as well as Darjeeling. Her daily afternoon tea consisted of two types of sandwiches, scones served with jam and topped with clotted cream, and cakes. According to a source, this was all washed down with "a delightful steaming hot cup of Earl Grey tea" while she enjoyed the company of her beloved corgis.

How to brew the perfect cup of tea

Iconic family tea company Dilmah shares how to create the ultimate cuppa.
  1. Fill the kettle with fresh, cold water and only bring to the boil once, to maintain the water's oxygen level.
  2. Pour 200-220ml of water over your Dilmah tea bag or teaspoon of leaf tea.
  3. Stir before leaving to brew for a minimum of three minutes for optimal taste and goodness.
    As we like to say, "Take three with Dilmah tea".

How to brew the perfect iced tea

A great way to make iced tea is to prepare a cold infusion, according to Dilmah experts.
  1. Pop two tea bags in 400ml of cold water.
  2. Store overnight in an airtight bottle in the fridge.
  3. The next day, add honey, mint and citrus fruit, according to your taste and preference.
Or, if you don't want to wait that long…
  1. Brew the tea very strong with only 50ml of freshly boiled water.
  2. Brew for three minutes to get a good strong cuppa.
  3. Next, add ice, still or sparkling water, and natural sweetener such as honey if required. For extra flavour, garnish with fresh mint, lemons or limes. Do try it!
Make the perfect brew with either Dilmah Earl Grey tea bags, RRP $9.80 (100 bags), or Dilmah English Breakfast tea bags, RRP $9.80 (100 bags).

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