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Pantry staples that will make every family's life easier

Quality food is important but that doesn’t have to mean it’s expensive or difficult.

At Now To Love we believe that celebration foods and comfort foods are as important to a family as the everyday stuff that we grow our kids up on. Dinner might just be your regular weeknight meal, but it's often over the dinner table that we have quality time or celebrate family events such as school awards, first jobs and other milestones. Without a doubt quality food is important but that doesn't have to mean it's expensive or difficult.
To make great food affordably, the Campbell's Real Stock range is essential since a good stock is the foundation of so many family meals – from soups and stews to pie fillings or Paella. And starting with real ingredients is a much easier way to get a great result than trying to redeem something at the end.
A basic pantry inventory is helpful; ensure it includes staples such as flour, eggs, milk, rice, pasta, a basic range of canned goods and a good selection of spices and of course Campbell's Real Stock.
Used in combination with seasonal produce and your chosen protein, you can always put something not just nourishing, but also delicious on the table. It's generally the seasoning that determines the success of any dish, so if it's tasty the family will be happy.
A few luxuries in the cupboard can take an everyday dish to the next level, fancy cheeses, or nuts, special oils or premium meats – they're the culinary fairy dust. But with the right essentials on hand you simply don't need much luxury ingredient keep it interesting.
The Campbell's Real Stock range provides such a superior taste with fish, vegetable, chicken and beef stocks. This allows you to optimise the ingredients we already have on hand avoiding those expensive emergency dashes to the supermarket too, which helps us stay within our budget while making your food all the more delicious. We try to remember it's not a competition, its simply dinner, and just as long as you and your family like it then that's what matters.
For inspiration on how the Campbell's Real Stock range can help you get the absolute most out of your pantry (while also making your food taste even better) click here.