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Get ready for Easter egg made entirely out of cheese

If, like us, you're more of a savoury queen than a sweet tooth - you'll love this brand new Easter egg created by artisan cheese makers.

Rather dig into a wheel of cheese than bite into a block of chocolate? The ‘Cheester Egg’ is here to make all your Easter dreams come true.
Food blogger Annem Hobson (the brains behind So Wrong It’s Nom) has teamed up with London-based artisan cheese makers Wildes Cheese to create the 'Cheester Egg.'
The egg is crafted from Napier cheese, a popular hard cheese which also happened to win the title of ‘London’s Favourite Cheese’ in 2015.

Described as being "hard, slightly crumbly yet still creamy in texture", the egg weighs in at 250g of solid, handmade cheese.
It’s no surprise Hobson has come up with another winning festive treat after creating the wildly popular cheese advent calendars last Christmas.
To make things more delicious, the Cheester Egg is also available as part of a hamper complete with gourmet crackers and quince membrillo.
Unfortunately for us, the Cheester Egg is only available for limited release in UK supermarkets.
Until us Kiwis can get our hands on this cheesy delight, you can always try recreating it yourself by making your own cheese.