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Dream job: I drink tea for a living

Meet the BrewMaster who creates your perfect cup of tea and enter to win an exclusive curated tea set.

By Bell Tea Co
Alla Heta is a BrewMaster for Bell Tea Co
Having a Russian background, tea is perfect for me because we drink so much of it. Growing up, my nanna used to make her own tea from the plants – she would go out and get blackberry leaves to make her own infusion. That’s the strongest memory I have from my childhood. Tea is part of me – it has been part of me all my life.
As a BrewMaster at Bell Tea Co, my role is to source high-quality tea, ensure the taste is consistent and create different flavours and blends. So, I do everything from visiting the farms to getting the product, shipping it to New Zealand, checking blending quality, making sure every batch of tea we receive tastes the way it’s supposed to.
Each day is never the same. You never know what you’re coming in to!

A calming moment

Tea is my time. It’s an opportunity to sit down, relax and find a moment of peace amongst a busy working day.
A moment well suited to the long brew-time of Bell White Tea Pure, my new favourite now that we have it in the Bell Tea range.

Introducing Bell White Tea

  • White tea has a delicate and unique flavour, and it’s extremely refreshing. The production of the tea is very limited because of the short window available for the leaves to be plucked; only the first spring buds of the plant are used.
  • It’s the least processed of all the teas. There are only two main stages of the process: the leaves wither, to allow the natural moisture to evaporate, and then the leaves are dried.

Taste the difference

The fruit flavours of the Bell White Teas are designed to work with the delicate taste of the white tea. Bell White Tea Lemon & Honey flavour, for example, is very subtle because we don’t want to overwhelm the white tea.
Like with all teas, we recommend you brew it for three to four minutes so you get all the goodness, but even if you leave the tea bag in, it won’t develop a bitter aftertaste.

WIN a curated tea set

Want to enjoy your own white tea experience? Win Alla’s curated tea set, which includes a box of Bell White Tea and some treats to let you enjoy your own moment of calm.
The prize includes:
1x Cristina Re Vintage Teaspoon set of 4 in Gold
4x Teacup Porcelain in Blush
3x Box of Bell Tea White Tea Pure
6x Vanilla Macaroons
1x Ecoya Vanilla Bean Candle
1x Elizabeth Arden White Tea Fragrance 100ml
1x Kikki K A5 Leather Notebook in Pink
1x Kikki K Metal Rollerball Pen in Gold
Six month subscription to Your Home and Garden
Brought to you by Bell Tea Co