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Don't be afraid to put yourself first

Kids’ clothing designer and young mum Mandy Duncan shares why mums need to know that self-care isn’t selfish – and how she learned this the hard way.

By Bell Tea Co
I’m a young mum and I work from home running my company Noah & Bowie. My son Noah is eight and my daughter Bowie is about to turn to five. Being a mum is my main thing, but I love taking care of myself too. It wasn’t always that way! My perception of wellness changed after I had kids – I was one of those mums who completely forgot about myself. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve realised that I’m actually number one on my priority list. It sounds crazy, but I have to put myself before anything else to be okay.
I learned this the hard way. It was only when my husband and I went through a really bad time that I realised I had completely let myself down by not putting myself first. It was a tipping point for us and it made our relationship difficult. These days, we both put ourselves first and our relationship is in the most amazing place.

Mandy’s top tips for looking after you

For many mums, our whole world revolves around making sure our kids are okay but it’s also important to stop sometimes and ask ourselves: am I okay? It’s just as important to nurture ourselves as it is to nurture our children. My top tips for nurturing yourself include:
• Taking time to sit quietly with your thoughts. That’s wellness to me, just being in tune with your mind and body.
• Go to the gym or for a walk, pop your headphones in and listen to your favourite music – escape for a little while.
• Book a beauty appointment, nothing beats an hour of pampering. If you look good, you feel good.
• Prioritise healthy eating – that’s something I lost focus on once I had kids.
• A moment of self care can be as simple as sitting on the couch with a cup of tea. Try my new favourite, Bell White Tea Strawberry & Mango flavour … such a pretty colour with a delicate flavour.


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