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Iconic birthday cookbook cakes smashed up in music video

What is it with the obsession with Australian Women's Weekly Children's Cake Book cakes at the moment?

We don’t know what it is with New Zealand’s obsession with Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Cake Book cakes at the moment – but they’ve been used in lots of interesting ways for anything but children’s birthday parties lately.

Last week Jono and Ben attempted to make all 108 cakes, with the help of Ben’s mother, on their Jono and Ben show. The results were pretty hilarious.

This morning the birthday cakes reappeared in a music video, being smashed up in a spectacular display of light, brightly coloured icing and crumbs.

The music video is for Kiwi band Great North’s song Better Days, which features on their latest album The Golden Days. The song was released this morning at 8am.

In the video several of our childhood favourites, including the train and Barbie cake, are crafted by a mum before being smashed.

The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Cake Book is a classic go-to for children’s birthday parties, featuring 108 unique cakes to make, from a train to a duck to a swimming pool filled with kids or Barbie princess. Everyone can remember an Australian Women’s Weekly birthday cookbook cake from their childhood.

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Great North is a Kiwi band currently based in the UK. The Golden Age is their fourth album. It was recorded in Auckland by Jonathan Pearce (The Beths, Sal Valentine) and produced by both Pearce and the band’s frontman Hayden Donnell and features a veritable who’s who of New Zealand folk and alt-country.

Two of the band’s previous albums, Up In Smoke and Halves, won Folk Album of the Year at the New Zealand Music Awards.

Great North are currently on a 20-date European Tour to launch the album.

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