What’s the worst thing about the workplace?

In a new survey, workers have shared what really bugs them about their workplace.
workplace problems

workplace problems

We’ve all got that one annoying colleague. The one that can’t stop moaning, or even worse interrupting.

And in a new survey conducted by Samsung, it’s been revealed that most of us agree on workplace irks, with our top gripes being remarkably consistent.

Noisy or messy eaters, moaners or those who interrupt you while talking were among the top problems with co-workers, found the survey – that looked at 1,000 people.

However the biggest workplace problem was technology issues – that led to workers losing precious time out of their day.

The temperature of the workplace itself was also highly ranked, with 82% saying being too hot or cold was a bugbear during the day.

Uncomfortable seats and a messy workplace were also ranked highly.

Almost a third of those surveyed said they had left a job because of a particular colleague, and 20% said they had done so because of the environment itself.

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