TV weather trio Renee, Matty and Dan on why they're looking forward to sunny skies ahead

The trio share an optimistic outlook!

By Kelly Bertrand
A beachside photoshoot in Auckland with three weather presenters is an interesting experience.
Between ominous dark clouds swirling, a substantial sea breeze blowing straight into the central Auckland beach where we're setting up our picnic, and intense rays of sun almost blinding TVNZ's Dan Corbett, Renee Wright and Matty McLean as they settle on the blanket, it's hard to know where to start in weather-proofing our photo session.
But as the Weekly crew wonder aloud if we're about to be drenched thanks to a niggly early summer shower, three voices pipe up, almost in unison.
"Nah, we'll be fine!"
Clearly, there's no better trio to battle the elements with. And as Renee points out, it's a remarkable day indeed.
"This is actually the first time that we've ever had a photo and interview together," she says with her trademark wide grin.
"This is really special for us. We know each other really well, of course, but we never work together! So it's been really nice just hanging out."
Despite the fact they're hardly ever on the same programme – Matty on Breakfast, Dan taking the weekday broadcasts of 1 News at 6, and Renee on the weekends – the three are close.
As we set up our shoot, they talk in earnest about their family, friends and summer plans, before the topic inevitably turns to weather.
"It definitely won't rain until we're done," nods Dan.
"Trust me!"
New Zealanders have plenty of love for TVNZ's three weather presenters.
Renee has been a constant fixture on Kiwi screens since her 2004 breakout role in Headliners; Matty has been charming viewers since his early days as a roving reporter on Breakfast, and Dan made an immediate impact with his enthusiastic deliveries of our weather since his 2014 debut.
Not a day goes by where they're not stopped in the street, supermarket or during the school run for their take on what Mother Nature may be up to − "People have been asking me about their summer wedding days since the middle of the year," laughs Matty – and, usually, they're only too happy to respond.
"The only problem is that sometimes I don't know, I haven't been at work yet," laughs Renee.
"But luckily, we have Dan's emails. He's the best; they're like Friday night love letters that give Matty and me a heads-up."
"Particularly if there's rugby on, it's 'The All Blacks are playing, here's what's happening!'" Matty adds, chuckling.
"They probably see my emails and go, 'Oh no, here he goes again,'" Dan says.
"But whether it's as simple as someone knowing if they can put their washing out, everyone has a vested interest in it."
Kiwis are certainly obsessed with the weather, and when it's pointed out that people have a real affinity for them especially, the humble trio brush off the compliment.
Says Matty, "Maybe it's because times have changed in terms of how we present the news. Especially with the weather, the three of us are in a privileged position where it allows us to be authentically ourselves. I think even though we're doing our job, people really do get a sense of who the three of us are, and it's so great we're able to do that."
"We are who we are," nods Dan.
"We're in people's homes every night and every morning, there's a familiarity with that."
So, with their fingers firmly on the pulse of what's happening in our skies, who better to ask for their 2020 predictions?!
Spoiler alert – it's sunny skies ahead!

Matty McLean

Last year was an absolute cracker for the 33-year-old and it was supposed to be "the boring year"!
In 2019, the beloved presenter ticked off a massive bucket list item - finally appearing on a reality show.
And while he didn't quite take out Celebrity Treasure Island, much to his chagrin, he has plenty of other personal and professional highlights that he's keen to try and top, although he's not huge on the idea of big, grand goals.
"I used to be big on the New Year resolution thing," he tells.
"But now I just live life. I just try and get through it. We thought this year would just be getting the renovations on the house done - but maybe that's what 2020 will bring."
Matty's firmly found his feet on Breakfast, a show he's loved since his days as a reporter. But now he's part of the furniture, and part of the team- with co-hosts John Campbell (55), Hayley Holt (38) and Jenny-May Clarkson (45) - he feels goes beyond just a bunch of colleagues.
"Hopefully in 2020 we'll have a settled Breakfast team," he says.
"And we can keep going. It's a show I'm really proud of actually. John, Hayley, Jenny-May and I genuinely love each other, we're like a family."
Matty's also still celebrating a more recent win, scooping the award for TV Personality of the Year at November's New Zealand Television Awards.
And, he makes no bones about it, it was a gong he was determined to win!
"I was just so humbled and honoured to win," he tells, before joking he'll probably carry the trophy around for the next 12 months.
Matty plans to celebrate his achievements with some overseas travel in 2020, as well as the continued DIY projects - but not before a well-deserved summer break with partner Ryan Teece (28).
"We'll be off travelling around the South Island - we did it last summer in a campervan, but we won't go as crazy as we did the. This one's just with family - we'll be with my family in Queenstown and Ryan's in Nelson. We'll have the beach in Nelson and the lake in Queenstown - absolute perfection."

Dan Corbett

When you ask Dan if he has a New Year's resolution, his answer is simple, and probably rather inevitable.
"I just want to bring everyone nice summer weather!"
He may well be the nicest man in New Zealand. And he really, really loves the weather so plans on being in it as much as possible this summer, while still balancing his presenting duties on weekdays.
The 52-year-old and his wife Helen are about to embark on yet another summer enjoying the high seas on their boat – they call it their 'little put put' – and are looking forward to being out on the water near their home in Warkworth, just north of Auckland.
"We're right by the sea, so we just want to be on the boat, and enjoy a few picnics. It's not hard to enjoy a Kiwi summer."
Being the seasoned travellers that they are, they're also on the hunt for their next over-seas adventure.
The pair love a good road trip – they've ticked off plenty of drives in the United States, plus visited Canada in 2019.
"We'll see where 2020 takes us!"

Renee Wright

For Renee, 2020 is going to be all about good times with her family.
The mum of three – she has Leo (8) Giselle (6) and Arabella (3) with husband Charlie – is known for her bubbly outlook on life, and while there's no way the presenter could be anything else, the 39-year-old says she has a renewed appreciation for what's important in life.
"It's all about health and happiness with the kids," she nods.
"And having people around who matter. I just want to spend time with people who I love and who I enjoy my life with. And maybe a few cheese platters in the sunshine, too."
Renee and her brood are staying in Auckland over the summer, as she fills in during the holiday period.
The presenter says she's thrilled to be sticking around with her kids and plans to be at her local beach with them as much as she can.
"Oh, they're all total water babies," she smiles.
"How can you not be when you live in this paradise – but that's why it's so important to have them in the water and teach them how to swim. The three are little baby fish, I swear!"
Renee certainly deserves some down- time, with 2019 one of her biggest years yet.
She dabbled in a bit of radio, hosting a show alongside pal Jason Reeves on Coast, took a trip to Japan and Hawaii with Charlie – that part was a spur-of-the-moment decision following the All Blacks' semi-final loss at the World Cup – and indulged in her new passion of Pilates.
On a serious level it was also a big year with the loss of several loved ones to come to terms with.
It's made her all the more determined to go into 2020 – and look down the barrel of the big 4-0 − with the goal of making each moment count.
"I don't really have a resolution," she tells,
"I think as you get older, you just have to roll with whatever comes. And that's what I'll do."

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