This makes you more likely to get a job interview

How depressing.

This makes you more likely to get a job interview
Women who wear revealing clothing are more likely to get a job interview, new research has found.
A French study has found that women were 19 times more likely to get to interview stage if they attached a photo of themselves in revealing clothing to their CVs.
Compared to their more conservatively dressed peers, the women were more likely to secure interviews for accounting and sales roles if they had low cut dresses on.
The study used two women with very similar looks and identical skills, putting them forward for the same jobs over a three year period.
The only thing that differed between the two women was how they were dressed in their application photos. One wore a low cut dress, and the other wore a round neck and was covered up.
Women who wore low cut tops were more successful at getting to interview stage
Each woman took turns being the one in revealing clothing and the one in conservative, to ensure the experiment was fair.
Among the 200 sales role applications, the low cut dress candidate received 62 more interview offers than their conservative peer. This number was 68 for accountancy roles.
Researcher Dr Sevag Kertechian, from Paris-Sorbonne University, will reveal the full findings of the study at the Appearance Matters Conference this week.
The conference will hear from more than 200 appearance experts from across the world – tackling issues of weight loss, body image and disfigurement.
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