This is why you should always greet your colleagues in the morning

It's more important than you think.

Do you make the effort to greet your colleagues every morning?
If not, you might want to start, after one career expert shared his advice online.
According to author Andrew G. Rosen, more and more of us are barely bothering to acknowledge our colleagues as we enter the office each morning, reports Business Insider.
“Even a casual nod and mumble would be a lot better than the nothing that’s now occurring at far too many work sites,” he says.
“Like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, [saying good morning goes] a long way towards improving communication and the overall atmosphere.”
Other added benefits to saying ‘hi’ first thing include relaxing hierarchies, showing humanity, and creating an environment where everyone has two seconds for a friendly exchange.
So even if you’re in a total grump, say hi, it benefits the whole office.