These are the secrets to earning $100K a year

Want to up your earning potential? Read on for these high-flyer tips.

For many of us, earning $100K a year seems like an unattainable dream. But those lucky people that do have been sharing their wisdom on a Reddit forum.
Buy a good bed
Rather than forking out for an expensive car, one user said getting the best bed you can afford will guarantee you a better quality of sleep – making you more efficient at work. Also cutting down on your commute means you’ll have a more positive outlook, which is known to improve your performance.
Six step programme
Another user shared a six step programme to success:
  1. Get the first job.
  2. Be great at that job.
  3. Get a raise/promotion.
  4. Be great at that job.
  5. Move to new company/job, demand more money.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5.
Create opportunities
"I'm currently exceeding 100k by a good margin.
"Worked my ass off for years, trying to get better and better at what I do, made lots of friends and contacts who trust me, looked for opportunities, made a couple of silly choices, then seized my latest opportunity by the balls. I'm currently working 50-60 hours a week, but trying very hard to get that down."
Know the answer to three key questions
"What have you learned? Why are you a valuable employee? Where do you add value to the company?"
Knowing what you offer and what sets you apart makes your negotiating position stronger.
Aim high
This is a tough one, as talking salaries is cringe-worthy for most people. Aim high with your number, and one day someone is going to match it.
"Don't be afraid to ask what you think is fair for pay. Don't go nuts, but if you toss a number that's high, sometimes some will offer that pay. If not, they may haggle on it and you may get more than what was posted or initially offered."