Why being a woman can be an advantage in the workplace

Renee Liang's words will inspire you.
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Dr Renee Liang is a multi-disciplinary artist, community arts activist and part-time paediatrician who has written plays, poetry, a libretto and more. She hosts writing workshops for migrant women, and is an advocate for diversity in the arts.

She is also the winner of the Arts and Culture category at the 2018 NEXT Woman of the Year Awards.

In this video Renee opens up about her experience of workplace bullying. She was a young doctor nearing the end of her training and was in what she thought was her dream job until she realised she was not enjoying it because she was being bullied by someone she really admired.

The way she dealt with it eventually led her to the career she has today.

We can also be encouraged by her view that being a woman can be a real advantage in the workplace. Find out why she holds this view in this video.

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