An Auckland real estate agent creates a genius video for selling a home that features the Dancing With The Stars judges

Jadyn Dixon deserves three 10s for this idea!

By Karyn Henger
An enterprising Auckland real estate agent has created a genius video for a property he's selling that features the judges from Dancing With The Stars.
Bayleys real estate agent Jadyn Dixon, who is based at their Long Bay branch on the North Shore, has released a slick video advertising a Greenhithe home that features the three DWTS judges Julz Tocker, Rachel White and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup giving feedback on it.
Capitalising on the popularity of the reality TV show, which wrapped on Sunday with Sam Hayes winning the final, the video opens with Dixon, a ballroom dancer himself, spinning his dance partner Annabelle Hutchinson into a dramatic dip on the driveway of the property.
The footage then cuts to a car pulling up. The doors open and out steps Julz, Rachel and Camilla.
In slow-mo we watch the three link arms and walk the length of the house veranda before taking their seats to critique the property.
Dixon sets the scene in a commanding voice: "When it comes to dancing these judges know their stuff so let's see how they judge this beautiful home. Julz, why don't you get us started?"
Julz praises the property's tranquil setting and park-like grounds. Rachel challenges him, saying the sun-drenched decks and wraparound verandas are the best features.
In keeping with the dynamic that we grew used to on DWTS, Camilla settles the judges' disagreement, proclaiming that the property's charm and character is its true best feature.
All three announce that they're sold on the property.
"So now you know what the judges think, time to check out the property yourself," Dixon smiles, before a series of still shots take us through the rooms of the house.
Jadyn Dixon, Bayley's Realty Group
Dixon, who became a real estate agent only last year, came up with the idea after having dance lessons with both Julz and Rachel at the dance studio he trains at, Limelight studio in Albany. Dixon has been a ballroom dancer for 12 years and dances competitively.
"That house is a very special house and I had been trying to think of how I could raise awareness about the property and engage as many people as possible," he says.
After running the idea past the home owners, who loved the concept, Dixon got in touch with Julz and Rachel who were both on board straight away.
"And then it was just getting Camilla on board. Camilla is an ex real estate agent so she was quite keen... she said 'this is a really good idea'."
Approval was also needed from MediaWorks, the creators of DWTS.
The property was shot last week and the judges were filmed on Monday morning - after the series had wrapped.
"They were in and out in an hour," Dixon says.
DWTS judges (l-r) Rachel White, Camilla Sacre-Dallerup and Julz Tocker
By Monday afternoon the video was edited and out on social media. It has already racked up more than 5000 views and been shared over 50 times.
Videographer Calum Davies is the talent behind the video. Dixon discovered him on Instagram last year and has worked with Davies on other property and promotional videos as well.
Dixon says filming with the judges couldn't have gone more smoothly. "It was all scripted and we'd planned out all our shots so everything went to schedule, it was smooth sailing.
"The judges had a lot of fun... they were laughing their heads off. The owner of the house was there the whole time and was so stoked... They thought Julz, Rachel and Camilla were such down-to-earth people."
The one idea MediaWorks did not permit Jadyn to use was the three judges holding up scores on paddles.
"They said it was too close to the show," he says. "So instead I went with 'are you guys sold on this property?' which I think worked better anyway."