NZ Police make Thriller dance video - just in time for Halloween

What an arresting sight! (sorry)

We're loving the way the NZ Police are getting into using social media and their awesome dance moves to talk to us and get safety messages across.
In this video made by Wellington District police, which was posted on Facebook today, they bust out their best Thriller dance moves to the Patea Maori Club song Poi E, to remind kids to stay safe when they're out trick or treating tonight.
From being on the beat to keeping a beat, they may not move exactly like Jagger - well, Michael Jackson actually - but the concentration on their faces tells us they're giving it their best effort and we applaud you, officers.
In their Facebook post they say:
"Hey Wellington, wanna see our Michael Jackson dance moves? #zombiecops 🧟‍♀️
Here's some tips to keep your little zombies safe this halloween 👉
They also tag in Taika Waititi, in tribute to his performance of Thriller to the same song in the movie Boy.
The link takes you through to another video made with the help of local school children about how to keep yourself safe tonight. The safety tips include:
  • Make sure you go out with an adult
  • Stay in places that aren’t too dark
  • If people have signs saying on trick or treaters it’s nice to leave them alone, they probably wouldn’t have yummy lollies anyway (that's a good point actually)
  • Don’t go inside any houses, just stay at the door
  • Only go where you or your friends know the people
  • Don’t give old people a big fright
  • Some places have Halloween parties, find out if there’s one near you
Last year they wowed us with their Running Man challenge video.
Keep up the fancy footwork, officers!