It's official: Women are better leaders than men

The truth is out, and scientists say women are far more suited to lead than men.

Female Boss
Despite the percentage of women in positions of power being far lower than that for men, new research has suggested that female employees are actually better suited to being the top dog.
A study from the BI Norweigan Business School found that of women and men studied in managerial roles, the women's personality traits were far better matched with a leadership role.
Women ranked higher in areas such as initiative, clear communication, openness and the ability to be innovative, supportiveness and goal setting.
"Our results indicate that women naturally rank higher, in general, than men in their abilities to innovate and lead with clarity and impact,’ said Professor Martinsen from the study.
"These findings pose a legitimate question about the construction of management hierarchy and the current dispensation of women in these roles."
It wasn't all bad news for men however, with male employees coming higher for emotional stability, as well as their ability to deal with work related stress.
Professor Lars Glaso suggested that the female work force may falter in the work place due to their stronger tendency to worry.
"However, this does not negate the fact that they are decidedly more suited to management positions than their male counterparts. If decision-makers ignore this truth, they could effectively be employing less qualified leaders and impairing productivity."