Interview: NEXT Woman of the Year Business category winner Ranjna Patel

I live by a can-do attitude.

Ranjna is the director of East Tamaki Healthcare
From a very early age Ranjna learned from her mother that a 'can do' attitude was the best approach to life.
"Not 'I don't know how or what' – yes I may not but I'll learn on the way. All seven children in my family took that attitude and we all went in our different ways with a can-do attitude."
She encourages young people to not be governed by other people's biases.
"I've been criticised all my life for doing things differently. We shouldn't be afraid of that. The biggest thing I'd like to see change is not being threatened by something someone is doing differently.
"I'm a third generation kiwi but I choose now to show my heritage [in the way I dress]. I've just got the confidence at 60 plus. Don't wait that long for the next generation. Be who you are and show who you are."