How footwear designer Kathryn Wilson uses her Samsung Galaxy Note10+ for work and play

Having your own business means that the workload never stops.

By Now To Love with Samsung
Flexibility is key for influential businesswoman Kathryn Wilson, and it's something that she owes plenty of thanks to her Samsung Galaxy Note10+. Here she explains how it helps her at work and play.
Does running your own business help you juggle work with motherhood more easily?
There are definitely positives that come with being your own boss, like being able to determine your own hours in the office, which is great for flexibility with children and family. We often head away to our Coromandel beach house on a Thursday afternoon for a three-day weekend and can easily work from there on phones or laptops with a good wi-fi connection.
Of course having your own business means that the workload never stops. We often work with agents and production houses in Europe and Asia, which means dealing with emails and calls 24/7. We have a wonderful family nanny who helps us during the week, and we treasure our weekend time with the girls. Family time is a priority.
What has been your biggest challenge in the last year, both personally and professionally?
I had my second daughter in April, which was wonderful, but it was also a challenge to fit it all in. I'm five years older than I was last pregnancy so I found it physically exhausting, but I didn't want to miss out on the newborn stage as I now realise it all goes so quickly.
Professionally it's been a great year of learning and growth. I bought all shareholders out of the company last year, so I'm now sole director. It is a wonderful privilege, but it's also very challenging at times to manage all the balls in the air, and remain visionary and brave enough to make the right decisions.
What tools have you used to overcome these challenges?
Technology plays a large part in the success of any business. With the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ I'm able to work anywhere, anytime. With a newborn I was able to rest when I needed to and used her sleep times to work from home.
I travel a lot so I need to be able to continue to work in a hotel or on a flight. I wouldn't be able to do this without the capabilities of new devices and laptops. There are a lot of great parenting apps too, which give you comfort in the night when you are worrying about things like the high temperature of a toddler.

What Kathryn really likes about the Samsung Galaxy Note10+

• The download speed of images and spreadsheets is so quick and storage for large files is never a problem, so it hasn't affected my capability to work while I'm out of the office.
• The S Pen has been a life-saver to communicate ideas and adjustments of samples with our manufacturers clearly and quickly. I draw onto photos of the shoes, which always used to be a long process – having to scan and copy images, etc.
• The battery life is a great advantage when working on the go at our beach house or travelling internationally, as it lasts up to two days.
• The camera has had a lot of use with cute babies in the house. We've captured underwater photos in pools on holidays in Fiji and many precious selfies of our family of four together.
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