Here's what your lunch break habits reveal about you

Are you a desk eater or a long lunch break lover? One psychology expert reveals what your habits mean about you.

desk eating
Research conducted in the UK has found that the way you spend your lunch break can reveal a great deal about your personality type.
Baxters Soup commissioned the research, that was conducted by Dr Sandi Mann, senior psychology lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.
Dr Mann splits lunch breaks into four key types, that in turn reveal four distinct personalities. But which one are you?
If you're one of the (endangered) few that take long lunch breaks and shun routine, in favour of going for a wander, eating on the grass of window shopping - you're impulsive.
If you're a desk snacker who chats to colleagues over a fear of breaking the rules even during your official lunch time - you're a conformist.
If you head to the common area with a group of pals you are a social butterfly.
And if you grab a bite to eat while you work, plus put in extra hours in the morning and eve - you're a perfectionist.