It's a family affair for Flo and Frankie clothing's Chrissy Conyngham

"They are really passionate about the business and it’s been an amazing journey," Chrissy says of working with her daughters. "I’m hugely proud of them."

Chrissy and her daughters (from left) Bella, Ruby and Lucy love combining their skills.
In 2014, Chrissy Conyngham launched Flo & Frankie, a women's clothing company that has exploded in popularity.
What she didn't expect, though, was that her three daughters Ruby, 24, Lucy, 20, and Bella, 18, would also follow her into the business.
"I never presumed that my girls would want to join – I just wanted the best for them," says Chrissy, 52.
Bella, L and Ruby have learned a lot from working with their mum.
"But they are really passionate about the business and it's been an amazing journey. I'm hugely proud of them."
In fact, they're very passionate about business in general. Ruby juggled launching Flo & Frankie in Auckland as she finished a business degree, while Lucy is halfway through the same degree and Bella is about to start it.
Ruby, who is lead fashion buyer and runs the marketing side of the business, says, "A lot of people had warned us about working with family as we are such good friends, but we still are. Mum is great at getting rid of any tension."
Chrissy and Lucy.
Lucy admits she loved getting hands-on experience from her mentors. "Mum and Ruby always try to get me involved, and it's incredible to have that family honesty. Mum is great at telling me how it is so I can develop without being offended."
The youngest of the team, Bella says she has learnt an important life lesson from shadowing Chrissy.
She explains, "Mum has taught me about the things that really matter. She always tells us that people matter most. Sometimes she will want to celebrate the staff and we get up early to make muffins, even though she has eight million other things to do!"

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