First kiss, crush, car: Bernadine Oliver-Kerby shares her favourite 'firsts' stories

Bernadine, we have learned so much!

If there's one thing Bernadine Oliver-Kerby is not afraid of it's change.
Two years ago we watched the talented broadcaster take a leap of faith and walk away from her 25-year career as a broadcaster for TVNZ 1, and 13-year stint reading the news for Newstalk ZB, to take up a breakfast radio hosting role with Coast FM. She made the switch look seamless, at the time explaining simply that "it was time for a new challenge".
Now she's taking on new and unchartered territory (for her) again. In January Bernadine began a new full-time role for Sky Sport, which sees her developing its broadcasting talent.
Bernadine is relishing the opportunity, telling NEXT magazine, "These people aren't trained broadcasters – they come from the worlds of rugby and netball, golf and swimming. And all of that considered, they do such a stellar job already, but now I can be their eyes and ears and liaise with the bosses and the producers to ensure that they're getting what they need from us, so that we can bring out the best in them."
We thought it was only fitting we ask Bernadine to share some of her other 'firsts' with us - and while she was coy about letting us in on her first kiss experience she spoke passionately about her first crush - the man with the mo, none other than Tom Selleck.
She also had fond memories of her first set of wheels - a Honda Civic which she named Elliott. And her first overseas holiday inspired a love for Hawaii that has never waned.
Bernadine's first major purchase might surprise you and unlike most other kids, Bernadine was not at all daunted by the newness of EVERYTHING on her first day at school.
We now know why boysenberries are not her favourite fruit...
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