Brendan Cole "in shock" after getting fired from UK version of Dancing with the Stars

The Kiwi dancer's alleged “huge ego and difficult behaviour” have landed him in hot water on Strictly Come Dancing.

Brendan Cole dancing with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
He was always an outspoken judge on Dancing with the Stars New Zealand, but Kiwi dancer Brendan Cole's big mouth seems to have landed him the boot from the UK's version of the hit show after 15 seasons.
Brendan (41) has been fired from Strictly Come Dancing due to his "huge ego and difficult behaviour", insiders claim. The professional dancer confirmed the news he's been let go on a British daytime television show last week, admitting he was "in shock".
"It's quite hard to talk about," he says.
"The BBC haven't renewed my contract. I'm quite emotional, a bit raw about it."
While Brendan's opinionated manner has won him many fans, sources close to the series say the same cannot be said about its crew, who labelled him a nightmare to work with.
The final straw for producers seemingly came after Brendan gave an interview where he criticised the celebrities he was given to coach on Strictly.
"I don't have a say in who I am partnered with," he said. "I don't think you would do it if you knew who some of them were.
"I have not liked a few of them. It is more than 50% I have liked. When you meet people and work with them, you don't necessarily like all of them. Can I say that? I'm going to get fired, aren't I?"
The Kiwi, pictured with dance partner Natalie Lowe, has been on the show since its inception.
Brendan, who was paired up with celebrities such as Lulu and Jo Wood, proved to be correct. Just weeks later, BBC bosses confirmed their decision not to renew his dancer's contract, with those close to the production said to be "relieved".
"Producers were said to be furious over his recent interview, in which he criticised his celebrity partners," a source tells. "They've always tolerated his rows with judges as it creates drama, but this was a step too far."
Another insider adds, "Brendan's ego and attitude became too much to handle, and in reality, that's why he's gone. He brought it on himself.
Brendan with his wife Zoe.
"He used to be lovely and charming, but by the last series, he thought he was bigger than the show."
Still, it's not all doom and gloom for the Kiwi star – he and wife Zoe Hobbs, with whom he lives in Buckinghamshire, are due to welcome their second child in a matter of weeks.

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