Judge Jay-Jay on spending money

This week our Agony Aunt Jay-Jay Feeney helps a reader who is worried about their money decisions

Dear Jay-Jay,
I get absolutely paralysed making decisions about buying expensive things such as holidays or a car.
I'm scared I'm making the wrong decision, being ripped off or that I'm wasting money on stuff I don't really need.
It's really holding me back. What can I do to shake the feeling off?
Anita, via email
Jay-Jay is here to help!
Oh, Anita, I really wish I had that problem! I am a spender by nature and it annoys me that I can't help myself sometimes. I can't save money and I live to my means, so I live payday to payday. And I have a lot of stuff I don't need.
You are sensible – I don't think that is a problem at all. You are allowed to take time to consider if you really need what you are thinking of purchasing. Will it bring value to your life? Will you regret it? Why should you get this? These are questions people like me need to stop and think about.
Let's start with the car. I am not a car person, I don't get excited about big brands or care too much about what I drive – as long as it's reliable and roadworthy. So I will only spend what needs to be spent on a car. You could do the same. Most of us need a car, so when parting with your money, tell yourself it's essential that you have a car that is safe and reliable.
As for holidays, I love travelling. It's an enriching and rewarding experience that you never forget. In my opinion, it makes you a better person – less ignorant, more worldly and adventurous. Plus, holidays are good for you. We all need them.
Staying at home is good for a rest, but why waste your time off when you can explore and widen your life experiences? I don't think holidays are a waste of money at all and you can easily travel on the cheap if you do your research.
Write down things you think are necessary and essential in life, and don't beat yourself up about spending money on those things. After all, you can't take it with you when you die!
Love, Jay-Jay
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