Expert QA

Stickiness and air freshener

I have a backlog of letters to get through this week so no homilies from the Domestic Goddess desk – just a few brief answers to your questions.

Hi Wendyl,What can I use to remove the sticky residue left on a container where the label has been removed? Raewyn, Putaruru


Hi Raewyn, Just get some eucalyptus oil, dab it on and leave to soak for half-an-hour. It should wipe off easily.

Dear Wendyl, Where or how do  I get distilled water? I’m planning to make your air-freshener recipe and I’ve just made the handwash. Jenny, email

Dear Jenny,

You can get distilled water from pharmacies or you can simply use bottled water from the supermarket. The idea is to have it as pure and free of chemicals as possible but, if you can’t get distilled or bottled water, tap water will work just as well in any of my recipes.

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