Expert QA

Slimming tips for pear shapes

I’m a classic pear shape – small waist with big hips and thighs. What can I wear to make my bottom half appear slimmer?


Here are some tips:

  • Try belts than can be drawn in to accentuate your waist but don’t pull them in too tight or your hips will be highlighted. 

  • Wear patterns on your top half to draw attention away from your lower half.

  • Choose boot-cut trousers over straight-leg to balance out your big thighs.

  • Go for tailored jackets and shirts that cover your bottom.

  • Choose eye-catching jewellery and scarves to take the attention away from your hips.


  • Skin tight trousers and pencil skirts as they will make your thighs look bigger.

  • Very short skirts and dresses, as they will make your hips look wider and your legs shorter.

  • Any clothes that are too tight. Choosing the next size up will make you look slimmer and no one will ever know what size you are wearing.

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