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Secrets to shiny, healthy hair

I have very dry, brittle hair that has been coloured and straightened with hot irons quite a bit. It’s shoulder length, with fine with layers all over and a fringe. I’m desperate for shiny, healthy hair. Can you help?


Silky, shiny hair is at the top of most people’s wish list so I can appreciate how you feel. Dull locks can be a side-effect of a sluggish metabolism, poor diet and poor elimination of waste and toxins – a sure sign you’re not drinking enough fluids.

Up your intake of pantothenic acid found in peanuts, wheatgerm and brown rice and drink lots of water every day.

Deep condition your hair regularly, paying particular attention to the ends. Chemical colour helps add guts to fine hair so it’s unlikely you’ll want to stop using it altogether. If you usually have an all-over tint, now’s the time to consider highlights or lowlights instead – you don’t get such obvious regrowth so you can allow longer between each colour appointment. An in-salon glossing treatment or a vegetable rinse will increase natural shine levels and provide a conditioning boost. Your hairdresser should be able to help you out with options.

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