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How to make your own deodorants

In the hot summer months, few of us leave the house without putting some deodorant or anti-perspirant on, yet there are some quite good arguments for not using them. one is that anti-perspirants clog your pores to stop you sweating, yet the process of sweating is designed to help us cool down. The other is that some deodorants use aluminium salts, which may, or may not, contribute to some health concerns. So it’s a good idea to look for alternatives and these are the ones I’ve found:

  • Baking soda. Where would we be without the stuff?! Simply dabbing on some baking soda with a cloth or a powder puff does a great job.

  • Half a lemon. This is great if you left for the weekend and forgot to pack your deodorant. Simply rub it on.

  • Cider vinegar. Just dab it on, and off you go.

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