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Hairstyles to suit

How do I find the right hairstyle to suit me – and how do I find a good hairdresser?


If you’re unhappy with your present hairstylist, you might like to ask your friends if they can recommend one for you to go to. Have a look through some magazines and cut out pictures of hairstyles you admire so the hairdresser gets an idea of the types of hairstyles you are interested in.

To get the right hairstyle, you also need to consider:

  • Your face shape – some styles will suit your face better than others

  • The natural movement and texture of your hair – is it curly, straight, wavy?

  • Your lifestyle – do you have the time to style it every day, or will you need a no-fuss do? Face shape most hairstyles only suit certain facial shapes.

  • To find out the shape of your face, measure these areas with a tape measure or ruler:

  • Across the top of your cheekbones

  • Across your jaw line from widest point to widest point

  • Across your forehead at widest point

  • Tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

If the length of your face is equal to one-and-a-half times its width, you are an oval shape. If your face is as wide as it is long (this may vary a little but generally the measurement is close), you are a round shape. This measurement can also be closely related to the square shape.

If your face is longer than it is wide, you are an oblong shape. If your face is narrow at the jaw line but wide at cheekbones or forehead, you fall under the heart shape.

oval Face If you have an oval face, most styles will suit you.

A long face is best complemented by short hair that is quite full, with a fringe. Don’t go for a severe long hairdo that will only make your face look longer.

Round Face If you have a round face, you should aim to add length. If you don’t want long hair, part your hair on the side or add fullness on top. Avoid a neat bob with a fringe. A round face gives an overall appearance of roundness.

A full face is flattered by a short, layered cut. The top of the head should be given a “long” look with a layered, curly style, extending to the back. If making a topknot, get a lot of elongated tendrils out. That balances your face. A lot of volume to the hair will give it a flat look. A severe, tied back style also makes the face look rounder. Avoid it.

Square Face A wide forehead and square jawbone means you have a square face. A style with the hair 2.5cm or so below the chin sits prettily on a square face. If your hair is thick or wavy, you can go all one length. With straight or fine hair, you can opt for a slight angle in the front. Don’t go for bobs. Blunt clipped bangs are also not recommended because they would emphasize the squareness of your face. All a square face needs is a little softening if the jawline is too heavy. Draw the attention away from the jaw with a diagonal fringe forward from the hairline and around the ears if you wear your hair up, or long loose hair with a bit of bounce below chin level.

Heart Shape A heart shaped face is also easy to flatter. All you need to do is avoid a heavy slab of fringe that will make your face into a triangle. A softer fringe will help. Try a soft fringe too for a high forehead, or try a very heavy fringe that stars quite a way back and is “V” – shaped, with the point of the “V” in the centre of your forehead. If you have a receding or double chin, you need to draw attention away from it. Your hair will look best either piled to the top and back of your head, to balance the chin, or hanging loose to hide it. A large nose needs a short, fluffy style anything sleek or straight will only over-emphasize it.

Also consider the following:- Layers are great for lift and body but can make fine hair look thin if not used sparingly. – one-length shapes are often perceived as “sexy long flowing hair” but watch out that yours doesn’t hang around your face like a curtain! – Natural curls: Curls suggest fun and you will never suffer from lack of volume but make sure you get your hair reshaped regularly as when a layered style gets a little too long it can look very round, so making your face look fat or too “girlish”. – A slightly saggy chin can be lifted with the right angle of tapering into the nape or exaggerate it! – A fringe (bangs) cut bluntly into very long hair can look disconnected and “stuck on” if not used in combination with soft layering around the face.

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