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Getting rid of uneven skin tone

Does green concealer really hide red cheeks? What’s the best concealer/foundation to cover red cheeks, freckles and uneven skin tone?Stephanie


Hi Stephanie I sympathise because I have red skin and freckles too. Personally I don’t like those green concealers. I think you end up looking a bit fake and weird! Instead I always use a day cream aimed at reducing redness before applying makeup.

Dermalogica does a good one called Sheer Tint Redness Relief and Clinique is just launching their Redness Relief which is very slightly tinged green. Then I use a Smashbox Photo Finish Primer that colour corrects and then foundation. The one you choose depends on your skin type.

oineral foundations (Maybelline has just launched one) are great for oilier skins but if you have dry, wrinkled skin you’d be better with a fluid. My favourite at the moment is Revlon Custom Creations because you can vary the shade depending on the time of year.

If you have redness problems you should avoid anything likely to inflame the skin. So stay away from harsh products, don’t exfoliate too often and always use a sunscreen – the damaging UVA rays are just as harsh in winter so it’s important to use products with an SPF on your face all year round. If you do all this over time you should notice the rednesss in your skin calming down.

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