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Barely there make up

When I apply make up it looks good but after half an hour it looks like it’s not there anymore and I look really drab, worse than before. Is this my imagination? Also, when I apply eyeliner it never stays and I get black eye lids! How can I prevent this?


I used to have the exact same problem! Make-up always seemed to slide off my face after a few hours. The secret to longer-lasting make-up is priming the skin first. Always use a primer on the skin before foundation. Smashbox do one that’s a favourite with make-up artists but it’s pricey. Revlon is due to launch a great value one really soon so keep a look out for it. You can also get eyelid primers – Estee Lauder does one that I like using. With lips the secret is to go for a long lasting lippy – check out L’oreal Paris Infallible. Mr colour in your entire lip area with a lip pencil before applying your usual lipstick. And as for your eyeliner problem – have you tried one of the gel based liners? Both Bobbi Brown and Elizabeth Arden do them and I’ve found they don’t budge.

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