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Ask the expert: how to perfect the ‘updo’

I’ve always loved the look of an updo, but am not sure how to achieve the look at home?


The updo has made a serious comeback. From piled-high styles at Lanvin to ballerina buns at Ralph Lauren, models across the fashion capitals have been strutting down the runway with ladylike dos. It is no surprise that these looks have translated into real life, with stars such as Kate Moss, Sienna oiller and Angelina Jolie sweeping back their usually flowing tresses into classic chignons. Depending on your accompanying fashion choice, buns can look ultra-chic or effortlessly cool, and the great thing is that the style is a cinch to create.


Gather hair into a tight ponytail, then twist it clockwise into a spiral, wrapping it around the base and pinning it in random places to secure.


For a neat and structured bun, use a comb to scrape back the hair. For a laid-back and dishevelled look, gather the locks together loosely with your fingers.


Accentuate the style with an embellished hair accessory or feminine ribbon.

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