Your 2018 horoscopes – what does the year hold for you?

The Australian Women’s Weekly's new astrologer, Lilith Rocha, looks into the cosmos and predicts exciting times for the year ahead. Find out what this means for you.

Aquarius ● Jan 21-Feb 19

Big picture

This year calls for innovation, a revolution in thought processes, rampant creativity and masses of lateral problem solving – how spookily Aquarian is that? Alternative strategies, unusual solutions, communal projects? You’re so there. With two wake-up, shake-up eclipses in Aquarius and charismatic Mars making an unusually long five-month passage through your sign, this year your radical talents can’t help but shine.

Money matters

While others struggle, typically contrary Aquirk-ians are likely to flourish financially as luck-bringer Jupiter is in your money sector for most of the year, ensuring a steady, less erratic cash flow. Nobody’s sharper at spotting opportunities than an Aquair-head, and this year’s auspicious Jupiter/Neptune alliance could trigger inspirational thinking about new ways of earning a living, or turn a worthy interest into a blossoming business.


Eclipses in January and August reboot your relationships with quantum leaps and thrilling breakthroughs: so quintessentially Aquarian. Uranus beginning its once in a lifetime seven-year cycle in your home zone sees you shimmying free from past patterns and long-running soaps to be the wild experimenter you are, inventing new romantic and social rituals. Which benefit from asking questions, then remembering to listen: loved ones need to feel heard. This year brings beaucoup de visitors to the Aquasphere as you share ideas with ever broadening audiences via the latest, up-to-datest cyber media.

The inner you

Time out becomes increasingly important this year to rest and replenish before re-engaging in life’s fray, for keeping your energetic elastic supple enough to retract with snap, then stretch again with maximum flex. When your ruling planet Uranus changes signs in May, pause… reflect… assess. Look back over the past seven years and acknowledge your wins, adjust your goals, make peace with the past.

Food for thought

“If you limit your actions in life to things that nobody can possibly find fault with, you will not do much.”

Lewis Carroll, Aquarian, writer.

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